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19th Mar 2023

Seven things… every Irish mammy will say this Mother’s Day

"Don't be fussing!"


It’s the one day of the year where your mammy should be sitting back, relaxing and watching the telly with a hot cup of tea.

However, although the Irish mammy may love catching up on all of her favourite programmes, she will undoubtedly tell you to stop spoiling her this Mother’s Day.

Here’s just some of our favourite sayings that your mammy will probably come out with today!

And to all of you mammies out there, we raise a toast to you – Happy Mother’s Day!

Don’t be fussing

She’ll tell you not to buy her anything but will be tickled pink when you do.

A cup of tea would be lovely

There’s nothing that will cheer your mammy up today like a cup of tea.

What are you wasting your money on me for?

Whatever you present your mammy with today, be it a lovely card, flowers or even a nice bit of jewellery, she’ll tell you you’ve spent too much.

We’ll go to the place up the road

Again, mammies hate to feel like you’re spoiling them unnecessarily so if you offer to take her out for a fancy lunch she’ll argue with you ‘til the cows come home.

Sure what else would I be doing?

And if you don’t go out for lunch or dinner, she’ll still insist on cooking the meal at home – despite all of your offers to help so she can sit back and put her feet up.

Wasn’t it great of you to think of me?

The Irish mammy will be bowled over that her son/daughter who is living abroad has given her a quick Skype to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

Sure you’re an auld pet

And as the clock winds down tonight, she’ll give you a hug and a kiss and tell you what a pet you are for spoiling her.

Spoiling you? You deserve every bit of it Mammy!