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24th Aug 2019

The genius reason why you should start to comb your makeup brushes

Cathy Donohue

the beauty kit

Another day, another beauty tip.

Although you probably feel like you’ve heard them all at this point, this particular beauty hack solves a problem that’s driven us demented FOREVER.

There’s nothing more annoying than spending ages on your makeup only to have lots of tiny bristles from your brushes end up all over your face.

Thanks to bridal makeup artist and vlogger Jeeshan Umar, there’s a way around that and we’re raging we didn’t think of it before.

Simply take a fine-toothed comb to your array of brushes and those stray hairs won’t be an issue anymore.

As Jeeshan explains, this:

“helps remove and bristles that are already removed from the barrel and stuck in between the brush”.

It might mean the your brush cleaning routine *yawn* takes a little longer but the end result is worth the short-term pain.

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