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09th Jan 2022

Here are the makeup trends set to take over in 2022

This year is all about going bold.

The dawning of the new year always brings an exciting range of new beauty trends, so what lies on the horizon for 2022?

2021’s make-up trends were pretty heavily eye-dominated (on account of the daily mask-wearing) and that doesn’t look like it’s changing just yet.

From graphic liners to bold colours, get ready to make a statement with your look this year. After two years of a pandemic, it’s time to show off your main character energy.

Here’s what experts have predicted will be huge.

Graphic “fairy” liner

This stunning look has been blowing up on Pinterest and we can see why. Graphic liner was huge towards the end of 2021 and this is another take on the trend. Although, it’s more like a work of art than an every day make-up look. We think this will be huge over summer.

Rhinestoned/diamond eyes

Embellished eyes are back in a big way and we couldn’t be more here for it. Taking gems and sticking them around the eyes in whatever pattern you fancy can really accentuate them. Rhinestomes and crystals have also been seen dominating the catwalks – go hard or go home, right?

Lifted brows

Soap brows and laminated brows are here to stay but it’s predicted that they’ll just be a tad bit softer this year. For a while there, we were all a little panicked that the super-thin brows of the ’90s and ’00s were about to become mainstream but don’t worry, we’re not quite there yet. Phew.

Bold neon eyeliner

Colour is in. Gone are the days of the neutral and nude smokey eye. Taking its place now are bright bold colours – whether it be high-pigmented eyeshadows or coloured eyeliner. It might seem a little out there but it’s all about experimenting with what colours work for you.

Glitter everything

We’re blaming Euphoria for this one. Just like the embellished eyes, maximalist eye-makeup really is taking centre stage. And that means glitter and shimmery shades too. Get ready to sparkle!


Blush blush blush

Blush was BIG in 2021 and it ain’t going anywhere. It has a way of bringing your face to life, so we suggest trying a peachy blush in place of your usual contour this year.

Pastel lips 

Pastels for Spring? Didn’t see that one coming…  Yes, it’s a trend that’s bound to come around annually, but we are really loving this pearly pale pink lip colour – so chic.

Luminous/glossy glow

The luminous look has always been a winner – so dewy and glossy. So get those liquid highlighters ready! This year, we’re not just taking about the face, but the eyes and lips too.

“Barely there” foundation 

We’re leaving that cakey foundation in 2021 and opting for tinted moisturisers and lightweight coverage instead. It’s looking like the focus this year will be on dramatic eyes and lips, with a natural base.