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02nd Jun 2019

Terracotta hair is set to be the hottest colour trend of the summer, and we adore it

Rebecca O'Keeffe

terracotta hair


Are you looking to change things up as we come in to the summer months?

Well, we may have found just the shade of colour for you!

“Terracotta hair is here for everyone to enjoy,” says Zoe Irwin, who is a Wella Colour Trend Expert.

She spoke to Glamour about the new and amazing trend recently, saying:

“As a trend forecaster, I note how the market reacts to colours and I can see that yellow as a tone has a 50 percent year on year rise, which really fits into the movement towards other 70s tones in the last three – five years.”

“It’s a warm wash of colour that is based around the magical light that happens in the evening.”

terracotta hair

“I use multiple tones to make it look as natural as possible and use the Palm Painting technique, which is a French form of balayage.”

“During times that we feel unsettled because of political unrest, we become more nostalgic,” said Zoe.

“We are now looking back to a time of fond memories of the 70s – long hot summers, wearing gorgeous dresses. This time was well documented with images shot in warm hazy light, and they are also filtered with soft and dreamy hues, which is very comforting at a time of such despair.”

Anyway, enough of that – here are some gorgeous pictures to inspire you!

We’re all getting terracotta hair, right?