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16th Feb 2024

Is ‘Syrup blonde’ the shade of spring 2024? TikTok suggests it will be

Jody Coffey


A new season means one thing: a new food and drink-inspired beauty trend

With each change of season, comes a change in hair trends.

As we begin to feel spring in the air, we’ll soon start to see it reflected in people’s locks.

TikTok provides users with great insights into what shades will dominate each season, and spring is no different.

We’re about to leave behind the cherry reds and chocolate browns of winter and autumn for something a little lighter.

@quecolour “I feel like a croquembouche” @mia_brookss #fyp #syrupblonde #hairtoner #haircolourist

The most recent trend to land on the hair colour wheel is ‘Syrup blonde’.

Akin to its name, this shade has tones of gold, caramel, and vanilla.

‘Syrup blonde’ is a glossier, more golden take on hair colour with a warmer and more indulgent appearance.

Speaking to Glamour, Tom Smith, top hair stylist and trend forecaster credited with naming this sweet shade, says it’s perfect for anyone who may “prefer to wear their hair lighter”.

Tom told the magazine: “Warmer tones always appear brighter, healthier and shinier and so this tone direction is a fantastic choice for those whose blonde may be feeling a little lack-lustre.”

This latest shade is a deeper, fresher and more luxurious alternative to anyone with platinum blonde hair, without having to sacrifice their flaxen tresses.