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10th Jan 2020

TanOrganic is urging you to go vegan this month with your tanning products

Are you doing Veganuary?

Denise Curtin

Veganuary is upon us.

And as many people opt for a plant based diet this month, TanOrganic wants you to try it too but with your tanning products.

Often with such concentration on the food element of Veganuary, we forget to think about what’s in the other products we use, like the ones we put on our skin.

In a recent study conducted by TanOrganic, it revealed that a staggering 80 percent of Irish women apply over 200 synthetic ingredients to their skin daily, this amounts to 2kg of products to the skin annually.

In the same poll conducted by the tanning brand, it discovered that most Irish women like to tan during the winter months, with the majority of these women wearing it as a confidence booster.

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So, now is a better time than ever to make sure we’re putting the right stuff on our skin as we slap on a glow while the sun isn’t shining.

And that’s why TanOrganic is urging you to think about what’s in your tanning products this Veganuary. As the world’s first and only eco-certified, vegan-certified and cruelty free tan in the world containing no parabens or preservatives, TanOrganic believes it gives that perfect radiant glow.

You can purchase the tan online here or from pharmacies nationwide.