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13th Mar 2024

Warnings issued over the ‘no cut facelift’ as women are left scarred

Jody Coffey


“If you’re thinking of having it done please consider the side effects”

Hundreds of women’s faces have been left scarred by a beauty treatment known as ‘no cut facelift’, according to reports.

The treatment is done with a Morpheus8 device using heat and microscopic needles to tighten wrinkled skin, stretch marks, or scarring, and is then billed as a non-surgical facelift.

The Mail On Sunday reports that multiple women have been left with devastating scars after having the treatment, which can cost €650 a session in Ireland.

Following the negative results, these women have joined Facebook groups to share horror stories about the treatment and issued warnings about the anti-aging treatment, according to the outlet.

Some claim to have seen fat ‘melted’ in their faces and feeling ‘violated’, while others say they have had to pay thousands for laser therapy to have their scars removed.

Meanwhile, other reactions have seen women experience ‘extreme hollowing’ under their cheeks and around the mouth, as well as lower face sagging.

Made In Chelsea star, Melissa Tattam, 27, also revealed that she was left with ‘scarring all over’ her face following her ‘no cut facelift’ last year.

The podcast host admits she regrets having the treatment and urged people to contemplate the potential consequences before they have it done.

Credit: Melissa Tattam

“I did it for anti-ageing and skin tightening purposes but my skin was perfect. I had no pores, no spots… nothing,” the social media personality shared.

“And now I have scars in the shapes of the needles all over my cheeks. All these tiny holes, which are now scars… I really regret doing this. If you’re thinking of having it done please consider the side effects.”

Credit: Getty

On several occasions, she likened her skin to ‘orange peel’ after having the treatment.

Melissa has been documenting her experience with the treatment on her Instagram stories.

To reduce the appearance of the scarring, Melissa is now undergoing laser treatment with her aesthetician Elena Cudworth, who runs Elenique Skin Clinic in London, who also warns of the treatment using Morpheus8 devices.

She highlighted the worrying number of clinicians using the device without the proper qualifications.

“We have had quite a few women contact us with similar reactions. Local authorities should be monitoring the level of qualifications and experience of those operating the Morpheus8 device,” she said, per the Mail On Sunday.

“Women have been scarred and lost their confidence and it’s stopped them going out or going to work.”