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18th Oct 2023

The ‘anti-wrinkle effect’: Get to know the Korean skincare brand that is ahead of the game

Say it with me now: Argireline.

Jody Coffey

Korean skincare is years ahead when it comes to its ingredients and technology, so it’s no surprise that the brand Storyderm is about to take over the Irish market.

If you’re a deep diver on TikTok, you may already be familiar with this Korean beauty brand, its extensive list of products, and the building discussions around its incredible results.

If not, let me introduce you to the Korean skincare brand that uses clean and raw materials obtained from nature to address skin worries and problems for its customers.

When choosing my treatment, I opted for the Storyderm Ultra Lift Professional Facial treatment purely because of its benefits, ingredients, and the results.

I also had Storyderm expert therapist and educator, Clare O’Hanlon, talk me through this incredibly innovative brand’s approach to skincare, the natural ingredients, and more of the powerful products the line has to offer.

Credit: Storyderm

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that I was absolutely sold on this particular therapy ahead of the other options (Princess Peel, Time Machine Peel, O2 Jewerly Peel) due to one of its key ingredients; Argireline.

This ingredient, scientifically known as acetyl hexapeptide-8, is one that once you hear of its powers, you’re going to scan every ingredient list in search of it.

Argireline, in its brilliant and brightening ways, also has a host of other instantaneous benefits for the skin, such as the ability to eliminate redness, regulate melanin production in the epidermis, gently exfoliate the keratin layer, and accelerate regeneration processes.

The most attention-grabbing thing is that it has an anti-wrinkle injection effect. Believe me, before I had a facial with this ingredient as the star of the show, I maybe wouldn’t have been easily convinced of its alleged capabilities, but after? The results speak for themselves.

Credit: IG: @storyderm_ireland

The Ultra Lift Professional Facial Treatment has a unique dual activation complex for facial contour remodelling, aka wrinkle-reducing therapy.

This is based on neuro and biopeptides, collagen, lactobacilli, enzymes, and amino acids in the highest concentration.

Science aside, because of the Argireline, this treatment has a firming effect that strengthens the elasticity of the skin and works to improve moisture levels.

Similar to botox, this facial, due to the powerful ingredient used within it, is known for not just its lifting effect but also for smoothing wrinkles, reducing photo-aging, and actively moisturising the skin.

This treatment has a luxury element, and unlike other chemically-based facials, you leave with your skin looking instantly better, as opposed to red or blotchy.

Credit: IG: @storyderm_ireland

This treatment, as well as their other three options (Princess Peel, Time Machine Peel, and O2 Jewerly Peel), can be availed of at any Storyderm salon. Your nearest Storyderm salon can be found here.

It would make an incredible gifting experience for a friend or family member, or, of course, a well-earned treat for yourself.

I found my pigmentation, which was a little red before the therapy, completely cleared by the time I left the salon.

Trust me when I say, the Korean’s really know their skincare, and, based on my own gorgeous experience with Storyderm, this brand is about to blow up. Just watch.