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15th Jan 2017

This part of the body ages the fastest

Chances are, you skip over it when moisturising.

When it comes to beauty maintenance, we’re firm believers in moisturising our skin.

But in news that sent shivers down our spine, and admittedly a hand to our chest, a new study has proven that breast tissue ages faster than the rest of the body.

The study, which was published in the journal Genome Biology, points to our chest tissue as being one of the most sensitive areas to spot the signs of aging.

If you’re worried you’re not as perky as you once were, there are some ways to help prevent sagging and weathered skin.

According to Marisa Weiss, founder of writing for Women’s Health, breast tissue is sensitive to a lot of issues that can cause a sag.

As well as gaining or losing weight (which can stretch the skin and tissue elasticity), pregnancy and unsupportive bras, Weiss says that moisturising the skin will go a long way in protecting your chest from the aging process.

While it might seem obvious to wear SPF when rocking a bikini, Weiss says even wearing a low-cut top or string top can expose your breast tissue to the sun.

Wear a high SPF number, moisturise your breasts daily and try prevent your skin from being exposed to strong sun.