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24th Sep 2023

Hairdresser reveals her biggest ick and many of us are guilty of it

A hairdresser has revealed her biggest ick and it is something we’re all guilty of.

If we’re going to get our hair done then we’re not going to bother washing it, right? Many of us don’t see the point in washing your hair if you’re going to get it washed professionally in a couple of hours.

This habit, although popular, actually really bothers hairdressers. One even admitted it is the most annoying thing her clients do.

Hairdresser Emily Rose Pytel said clients who have “super dirty” hair are her biggest ick.

She told TikTok: “When a client comes to me with super dirty hair, just no.”

“We don’t want to touch your dirty hair but it’s also not good for your colour, it doesn’t take as well,” she said.

We may think it’s best not to wash our hair before an appointment at the salon, but it’s actually something you should avoid.

According to Halo Salons, you should always try to arrive at your hair appointment with clean hair.

Having clean hair will help your hairdresser work their magic.

It also avoids product and oil build-up in your hair which can cause irritation and damaged skin. Having clean hair will guarantee that you get the best service possible.