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28th Sep 2023

Hailey Bieber announces rhode Peptide lip tints will now ship to Ireland

*Screams internally*

Hailey Bieber has dropped some great news that will make beauty enthusiasts very, very happy.

Rhode skincare is one that’s likely been on a lot of wish lists, and with the announcement that the peptide lip tints can now be shipped to Ireland, we can finally move them from the wish list into the checkout basket.

These restorative lip treatments come in a range of colours and scents and are very affordable considering how well-acclaimed Mrs. Bieber’s skincare line is.

For just €20, you can own one of the models star products from her line.

As we know, Hailey is a trailblazer when it comes to rousing trends inspired by food and drink, so it’s zero surprise that her lip treatments come in a range of flavours including salted caramel, vanilla, watermelon slice, the newest addition, strawberry glaze, as well as unscented.

Each flavour is made with a formula of skin-loving ingredients that help lips look glossy while it gets to work to nourish dry skin.

The Peptide lip treatments are packed with shea butter, which helps to hydrate and moisturise with five essential fatty acids, including vitamins E, D, A and allantoin.

The peptides used in these treatments work to visibly plump and reduce the appearance of any fine lines; cupuaçu, chocolaty, nutrient-dense fruit native to Brazil, is also on the ingredients list, and is known to help maintain the skins elasticity, while improving suppleness for dry and dehydrated lips.

Lastly, the treatments are infused with babassu, a rich, natural source of lauric acid that works to support the microbiome and replenish overall skin moisture.

The Rhode founder’s skincare line has been topped as one of the best celebrity lines that are actually worth your money and even made Harper Bazaar’s list in this regard.