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03rd May 2024

Brad Pitt let his 105-year-old neighbour live in his $40m home rent free until his death


Brad Pitt was incredibly kind to his neighbour

Brad Pitt let an elderly neighbour whose wife had passed away live in his $40 million estate rent-free.

The Academy Award winner purchased the 1.9-acre property in 1994 for a reported $1.7 million from Cassandra Peterson, People reported.

Pitt held onto it for nearly 30 years before selling it for $40 million in March last year.

The publication noted that the sprawling LA estate was home to one more resident than Pitt probably expected.

Peterson told People how she sold her home to the Bullet Train star and how he ended up playing landlord to a man who lived to be 105 years old.

She said there were “like 22” houses on the edges of Pitt’s property which he purchased every time one became available.

One belonged to a man in his early nineties, John, so Pitt made a deal with him: he offered to buy John’s house from him but would let him carry on living there, rent-free, for the rest of his life.

“He was very, very kind to the husband,” Peterson told People.

“His wife passed away and the husband, John, lived there. I know that Brad allowed him to live there without paying anything until he died.”

Amusingly, the deal probably lasted longer than Pitt had expected, Peterson said: “It was kind of funny because John lived to be 105.”

The actress joked that John “just kept living forever,” adding, “I imagine Brad was thinking well, you know, he can live there till he dies, which might be any minute now.”