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10th May 2017

THE eyeshadow for summer 2017 is probably in your makeup bag

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If there’s one eyeshadow shade, we can’t get enough of it’s copper.

Gorgeous worn as a stand-alone shade and works equally well as the base of a smoky eye, this is often our go-to look on a Saturday night.

We see it as a tried and tested shade at this point but it seems it’s getting a revival for summer 2017 as it’s been dubbed the shade of the season.

Chatting to Allure, celebrity MUA Mai Quynh, who’s worked with Taylor Schilling and Daisy Ridley among others said:

“Copper is a good summer shade because you can wear it with bright colored clothes orsummer whites.”

It’s a warm shade which can be worn all year around but to freshen it up for summer, Mai recommends losing the black liner that you might normally pair it with.

This will keep it natural and “more striking” according to this makeup pro, particulalrly if you pair the rest of your look low-key “”with warm and peachy undertones.”

Having recently created this look for actress Brooklyn Sudano, it’s safe to say that Mai knows her stuff.