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23rd Jun 2022

Easy Pride make up looks that will really make you stand out

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Have your make up at the ready.

Pride festivities are coming this weekend and after missing two years of celebrating, it’s about time we stand out in the crowd and really show up.

Of course, the glitz and glam isn’t the main thing when it comes to Pride, the month is here to pay homage to those who fought so hard for LBGTQ+ rights, and to celebrate how far the movement has come since.

But who said we can’t have both? We can look as good as we feel during these celebrations and really go all out when it comes to our make up.

By using the colours of different pride flags, you can create eye looks that are not only representing you as an individual, but also so easy to recreate and not too time consuming.

First on the list is neon splatter, something so simple yet so encapsulating of what pride is.

We’ve all seen the typical rainbow eye make up, this look is taking that but making it into something more. By looking at each colour of the rainbow LGBTQ+ flag, you instead use the same ones, only in a neon version.

Popping them on your eyelid, you blend them together ever so slightly, only a fraction of the amount you would for regular rainbow eye makeup, giving a more splashed-on effect.

Eye looks can be intimidating, so for this you get your brush and pick up some colour, then pat it on your eyelid in small circle, one by one beside other colours.

Going for something similar but the complete opposite at the same time, we have this look but using pastel rainbow colours.

For this, it works better when we blend it a lot more than the neon splatter, but that of course is up to you.

The trick to make this one stand out is to put a creamy white eyeliner or eye base on your entire eyelid before you start, as the paler shades will now have a brighter canvas to work on.

Then you simply grab your pastel rainbow colours and a fluffy brush and blend them to diffuse each colour into the other.

A rainbow undereye is always a shout when it comes to Pride make up.

But this year, instead of doing the same thing we’ve seen countless times year after year, why not spice it up?

Cara Delevigne posted a snap from last year’s Pride that looks as good as it does easy to recreate.

Grabbing different coloured rainbow coloured eyeliners, she drew small triangles under her eye in each colour and it really stood out.

Simple to recreate, you can make this one your own, from changing the shapes of the liner to the colours to suit whatever pride flag you want.

Layered rainbow eyeliner is the eyeliner look of dreams, when you think of statement make-up, this is what should pop into your head.

This one is a lot more out there than the last few, this one is done by layering a different colour eyeliner on top of the last in a traditional wing liner look.

Creating a rainbow effect up your eyelid with different colours allows for the rainbow effect but with an edgier detail.

If you want to keep up with the eyeliner trend, but don’t want to go as bold, you can try some glitter liner.

This one is done by creating a wing that joins back onto the inner corner of your eye, giving you a lot more room to work with.

Here, you again can choose your colours based on whatever pride flag resonates with you most, and you can use these colours to blend into each other.