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27th Jul 2023

Man slammed for ‘stupid comment’ on his wedding day as new wife gives him cold shoulder

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A young man has asked for advice after a comment he made to his wife on their wedding night resulted in a rocky start to their marriage.

The pair have been together for more than two years, and recently tied the knot in front of friends and loved ones.

He described his wife as someone who “is comfortable with her skin and doesn’t use a lot of makeup” before adding that it’s something he “really adores about her”.

Their relationship is based on truths, no matter how hard they are to hear, as the newlywed claimed: “we always tell the truth to each other no matter what”.

However, he may have crossed the line on a day when all brides want to feel their most enchanting.

The husband took to Reddit to explain.

“Yesterday, was our wedding and the moment I saw her there I was shocked she used a huge amount of makeup that I barely recognized her without hearing her voice,” he wrote.

“She saw my facial expression that I was acting a little out of the ordinary and she asked me what’s wrong? I told her that it’s nothing but she looked a little weird with all that makeup on her face.

“She tried to laugh it off and started talking to her other friends, and to be honest at that moment I really didn’t think I said something wrong or anything, especially because she didn’t say anything.”

He said when they went home “she started to give me the cold shoulder treatment, I asked her what’s wrong and she said it’s nothing and she doesn’t feel well and she is tired etc..”

Knowing that his comment must have hurt her, he asked the public if he was in the wrong, and an overwhelming number of people told him off for his ill-timed comments.

“What a stupid comment to make.”

One wrote: “On the day she’s meant to feel beautiful and stunning and desirable to her new husband, you pulled a funny face and told her she looked weird.

“What a shitty start to a marriage.”

A second person simply added: “What a stupid comment to make.”

A third commented: “You are the as*hole here. I find it hard to believe you barely recognized your wife.”

Another said: “Just so you know, now when she thinks about y’alls wedding day, your stupid little comment is going to echo in her head. Why be rude when you can just be quiet?”

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