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29th Dec 2020

No hype: deDANÚ’s CBD skincare range made me realise how tired my skin really was

Jade Hayden

CBD is all the rage these days.

Gummies, supplements, and add ons for your vape – you name it, and chances are someone has made a product involving CBD.

Extracted from the cannabis plant and generally combined with coconut or hemp seed oil, CBD oil was once reserved primarily for those suffering from chronic pain or skin conditions. Then suddenly, the extract gained popularity and it was everywhere – even in our skincare products.

Even in these skincare products; the ones sustainably produced by Irish brand deDANÚ that use CBD extract and hemp to create their selection of creams, salves, and oils.

Founded by husband and wife team James DeMello and Leah Fletcher, deDANÚ uses all natural plant extracts and active ingredients in a bid to invoke wellness.

Set up with the goal to be Ireland’s first carbon neutral brand, deDANÚ combines James and Leah’s knowledge of the Canadian cannabis industry with Ireland’s agricultural resources to create a collection of products that are equal parts simple and innovative.

The Athlone based company boasts an array of products from skin salves to perfumes to facial serums – all sustainable, all ethically sourced – but it’s their range of CBD based skin care products that have really got people talking.

And by ‘people’ I mean ‘me.’ And by ‘talking’ I mean ‘slathering the products all over my body ever morning, noon, and night.

When we consider CBD, we generally go straight to the oil – and that’s what I did. deDANÚ’s ‘Goddess Elixir’ CBD face oil promises a glowy-y, relaxing, skin-transforming oil designed to nourish skin cells with potent plant extracts high in vitamin C + antioxidants.

Use this oil on your face and general eye area every couple of days and your skin should feel more relaxed, replenished, and look considerably brighter. And it did too.

This particular oil addresses the underlying causes of ageing – an issue that I graciously have yet to be presented with just yet, but all the same, my skin looked approximately one million times more hydrated after rubbing this product on it, and after a few weeks of consistent use I even found myself inhaling the natural hemp-y smell and feeling a sense of instant calm wash over me.

Placebo effect or not, it was nice, okay?

The oil was good, but the face cream was incredible. As a woman who rarely spends more than 20 quid a month on her facial routine, a CBD based cream edging close to €70 wouldn’t have been my immediate choice for switching things up a bit. But it really should have been.

Described as “the ultimate face cream for tired, thirsty skin,” this face cream didn’t just rehydrate my face – it showed me how dehydrated my skin was in the first place.

Where other products have provided a limited respite from winter dryness, deDANÚ’s CBD face cream made my face feel moisturised right through from morning until night – so much so that I frequently considered whether I even needed to apply it again at night, such were the lasting effects.

The cream is said to target wrinkles, uneven skin tones, dark spots, and large pores, and although I didn’t notice a huge difference in the actual tone of my skin, my face did look fresher, significantly more hydrated, and just generally healthier.

deDANÚ’s products were initially made for the couples’ family members who suffered from skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne, or even arthritis. Now though, they’re being distributed across Ireland and internationally to Europe and North America.

Their skincare range may be a little more on the pricey side compared to other brands also boasting CBD products, but the proof is in the pudding. Or rather, the explanation is in the ingredients – they’re all naturally sourced, sustainable, and entirely fitting with the brand’s ethos of clean and slow beauty.

All of the products are free from allergens, unnatural chemicals and fragrances, toxins, carcinogens, fillers, genetically modified ingredients, and anything else questionable you might otherwise spy in your standard skincare products.

It’s luxurious stuff, without all of the frills that often comes with luxury.