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06th Mar 2020

Darren Kennedy on the 2020 men’s grooming boom, and the tips and products us gals can steal from the guys

Cassie Stokes

I don’t have any brothers, I don’t live with any guys and I date women, so men’s grooming is not something that I am at all familiar with.

I am aware, however, that male grooming is tipped to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry in 2020. The beauty industry is worth over €400billion, so it’s only right the lads get in on some of that – with the men’s personal care market set to hit over $120billion dollars by 2022.

Male make-up in particular is an area that’s booming, but before they move on to guy liner, many Irish men still need to learn the basics of good skincare.

So, for the latest episode of Curated With Cassie, I asked Darren Kennedy to talk me through some of his top tips for male grooming. You can watch the episode below or by clicking here.

When I say that Darren started with the basics, I’m not joking: his first piece of advice is for every man to properly wash their face daily. I just thought washing was a given, but Darren says he often encounters guys who don’t do even a basic cleanse on their skin. Please lads, if you adopt one piece of Darren’s advice, make it this.

Darren is one of the best groomed men I’ve ever met – with his flawless, lightly tanned skin and perfect teeth, this guy radiates health.

Darren is all about skincare, which led him to create his own range, Kennedy & Co. The products are made in Ireland, and they are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and contain no paragons or sulphates. Handily, they all come in at under 100ml so you can take them through the airport, and they’re priced from just €9.95 to €12.95.

They are also suitable for both men and women, his daily moisturiser with SPF is one I’d often use, and the facial scrub is one of my go-to masks.

Looking beyond just his own range, Darren really cares about sharing his knowledge with lads far and wide. Watch Curated With Cassie to hear us talk about cleansing, moisturising and eye creams for men. He talked me through some of the mistakes that guys are making, at the challenges of looking after a beard, and also revealed his go-to products that will not break the bank.

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