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06th Mar 2017

6 online sites we LOVE for petite fashion (short people need clothes too)

Niamh Maher

Has anyone ever picked you up against your will? We feel your pain.

If you spend your days dodging arm-pits you’re probably on the petite side. Which is FANTASTIC. Being petite is great, yes it’s true we can’t reach anything, but our climbing abilities are on point. If you need something from the top cabinet… spider monkey GO.


One area that is a struggle is fashion. Although all petite girls have their tailor on speed dial, it would be nice to try something on that doesn’t need to be altered.

Have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite online retailers that cater to the petite, and yes, we included shoes (we saved the best for last).

  • Topshop – A classic, this petite section is one of our first stops, it caters for women under 5’3′, and the jeans (a NOTORIOUS struggle for short girls) are always a winner.

  • Misguided – The motto for this online retailer is ‘good things come in small packages’ and we COULDN’T agree more, they like to keep the glamour up so if faux fur and spandex is your thing, this is the site for you.

  • Asos – For the sheer variety this site offers it’s always a must stop shop, in particular, if you’re after bridesmaid dresses or bridal wear, Asos offers a petite version of most of their dresses, which makes it stand out.

  • Miss Selfridge – An oldie but a goodie, if you want a party dress this is the site for you, not only for the small in stature it goes down to a teeny size 4 and up to a size 14, so this is a broad ranging petite section that has something for everyone.