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11th Oct 2018

6 makeup trends that have officially made a MAJOR return

Louise Carroll

Who’s crazy about makeup?

If you’re anything like us, you might be intrigued to see the trends that are officially BACK, and as always… those flashback, nostalgia-filled images of celebrities as they once were also. (Safe to say, our girl Britney gets us every time.)

It’s Coca Cola that want to highlighting that their original Coke is really just as fantastic as the new and refreshing Coke Zero Sugar. Hence our major throwback buzz. So, first up is…

1. Lip Gloss

It disappeared for some time, especially thanks to Kim K and other masters of social media who opted for the matte look. But it seems even Kylie is creating glossy lip kits today. Don’t worry though – none of them seems to be as sticky as they were in the 90s, yet they give just as an intense, glossy, voluptuous look. DELIGHTED to have some glossiness back in our lives.

2. Bushy Brows

Brooke Shields rise to fame in the late 80s no doubt required a burning desire to act and a whole lot of hard work. But those eye brows definitely helped A LOT too. After this time, thin eyebrows were incredibly trendy thanks to the likes of Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani, but around 2011, when a Ms Cara Delevigne had jaws dropping after her famous Burberry campaign – a more hairy shaped brow was officially BACK. Now it seems, we might be in a state of flux between the two kinds. Oh, how trends come and go.

3. Overlap Liner

There has been a whole lot of playing around when it comes to eye makeup recently and it has even seen makeup artist, Pat McGrath play around with Gigi Hadid’s (and many other models’) look on the runway for Anna Sui. His inspiration? Well none other than Twiggy’s famous 60s eyeliner look. Those big bright eyes were behind some of the most sought after eye makeup trends of the decade.

4. Brown Lippy

Remember it was EVERYWHERE growing up? From Jennifer Aniston, to Brandy, to Beyonce – everyone loved their brown lipstick. With so many shades to suit an array of different complexions, it really is flattering for all.

5. Bold and Bright Shadow

Now, on the fashion runways for spring/summer ’19, we’re seeing all kinds of bold and bright eye shadows. But it has had to start somewhere, and that somewhere has been with a good ol’ blue hue. Don’t fret ladies, despite what many say, the blue eyeshadow look can indeed be created beautifully and pulled off gloriously. Just look at Salma (in 1997) and Kim below.

6. A Flush of Blush

It was everywhere in the 80s and 90s – but this revamped look is only just beginning to find its legs – and again at the spring/summer ’19 Anna Sui fashion show. With a whole lot of makeup brands putting an extra push on their blusher, girls who love their blush will be all too delighted to hear its making a BIG return. Just be sure you tone down the contouring we’ve all become SO accustomed to.