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25th Apr 2017

12 of the funniest reactions to THAT testicle makeup tutorial

Prepare yourself for this one.

A video of a woman using her boyfriend’s testicle to apply her foundation (yes this actually happened, see the video below for proof) went viral yesterday and after watching it, we had a LOT to say.

If you missed those 30 burning questions, you can check them out here but now, we’re about to focus on the gas responses we received from readers.

It seems you guys were just as confused and shocked as us and although we would love to fit them all in, we would be here for the night.

Below are just some of the hilarious reactions…

“I can’t breathe, did she cleanse the testicle omg”

“How did she keep his mickey out of the video”

“You better hope I don’t run of sponges lmao”

“You think you’ve seen it all but then there’s this”

“I’m done with the internet, I can’t deal anymore”

“Did she make a balls of it?”

“What in the name of holy God?”

“Surely one of them is regretting that decision today”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures”

“Now that’s an MUA”

“This is literally nuts”

“Hope the Dettol is out first”