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28th May 2022

Rosanna Davison says Ukrainian surrogate is “settling in well” here in Ireland

Katy Brennan

“Everybody has been so welcoming.”

Rosanna Davison has said her surrogate Anastasiia Berezan is “settling in well” in Ireland after a “harrowing and traumatic journey” journey from Ukraine last month.

Appearing on last night’s Late Late Show, the former Miss World opened up about the situation.

“Our surrogate over in Ukraine was living in a city in the south and I contacted her at the beginning of the war and said she’s very welcome to come to Ireland if she can get out of the country,” she said.

“This is the woman who I spoke about on the show previously, she gave birth to our daughter, Sophia.

“She was our gestational surrogate. So, you know, she gave us the greatest gift imaginable, so we wanted to do something for her.

“So she contacted me then in April and said that she had managed to bring her daughter, family member and dog over to the Polish border and what to do next.

“It was a bit of a logistical challenge to get them all over with the dog onto the plane, but we did it, we got her here a month ago.

“And they’re settling in very well. I mean, just the overwhelming support and generosity from everybody.

“I mean, from the community to just friends of mine to family. Everybody has been so welcoming. We felt it was important to help them.”

Anastasiia, her family, and her dog arrived in Dublin last month.

Announcing the news on Instagram at the time, Rosanna wrote: “She gave us the greatest gift of all, and now it was our turn to help her.”


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Rosanna, along with her husband Wes Quirke, welcomed their daughter Sophia, through surrogacy in 2019.

The model then gave birth to twin boys Hugo and Oscar in October 2020.

She has always shared her surrogacy journey in an effort to help and support other Irish parents also having children in this way.