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10th Nov 2023

Curtis Pritchard gets brutally dumped from Love Island Games

Anna Martin

curtis pritchard

Curtis Pritchard’s quest to find love has been cut short.

The reality star didn’t get a chance to recreate his almost victory from 2019 and instead found himself facing elimination pretty early on in the game.

Alongside Love Island Sweden alumni, Lisa Celander, the pair were voted to be put on the chopping block by Ray Gantt and Imani Wheeler.

Also in the bottom two were Liberty Poole and Callum Hole and Toby Aromolaran and Cely Vasquez, after they failed to hit the mark in the latest challenge.

In the end, it seemed his fellow islanders were ready to say goodbye as they opted to vote both Curtis and his on-screen other half Lisa off the show.

curtis pritchard
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Though it was a dramatic turn of events the professional dancer seemed to take things pretty well telling his fellow islanders, “You win some you, you lose some.”

Explaining why they voted off the pair, Jack Fowler, who is coupled up with Justine Ndiba, said: “I’ve had to go purely off the fact that one of you couples has been vulnerable twice now, so the couple we’re saving is Callum and Liberty.”

Megan Barton Hanson, who is in a couple with Kyra Green, shared: “So this is a really tough decision for me as these are the four I’m closest to other than Kyra, I’ve had real deep conversations with Lisa.

“I love you, Curtis, I’ve always had a soft spot for you and obviously Liberty is my closest girl and I just think Callum brings so much to the villa, and I just couldn’t really imagine my time in here without him, so the couple we’re saving is Liberty and Callum.”

Maura Higgins set for an awkward reunion with ex Curtis Pritchard On Love Island Games
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Though Curtis put on a strong display for his exit, he later fumed to producers in his confessional.

“I feel like I shouldn’t have to leave the villa truthfully, I feel like I haven’t had my time to shine,” he said.

At least our girl Maura Higgins can breathe a sigh of relief.