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28th Jun 2023

Two dumped islanders spark romance rumours outside of Love Island

We need this to happen…

It seems that two of this year’s dumped Love Island contestants are seeing if they have a connection outside of the villa.

André Furtado and Ruchee Gurung have sparked romance rumours since leaving the show, despite not finding one on the series.

The two were briefly coupled up during their short time on the show, but when Ruchee was dumped, André recoupled with Catherine Agbaje.

André was later dumped from the villa with co-star Charlotte Sumner.

Fans now think that the two could be getting a lot closer since leaving the villa after a photo was shared online of André with his arm around Ruchee as the two look into the same phone.

Now, fans are calling for them to give their romance another shot on the outside.

The news comes only days after André revealed he and Ruchee had a massive fight on the show in unaired scenes.

Speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast, André revealed: “In the episodes of course, one hour is shown, the other 23, so much happens!

“There was so much that happened between me and Ruchee, both good and I wouldn’t say bad, but less good.

“Let’s say for example on the day where I let Ruchee know that I was still open to getting to know Catherine, I think that was shown in the episode… however boy.

“The moment of Ruchee going off at me, I don’t think was shown.”

Charlotte then added: “Yeah it wasn’t shown,” before André continued: “It was the denim night… everyone was arguing on denim night. Everyone was arguing!

“I found it crazy as to how that wasn’t shown because it was Mitch, Zach and Molly… going off.

“Ty and Ella… going off. Mehdi and Whitney… going off. Everyone was going off!

“The only person that wasn’t going off was Sammy. He was a floater. A football floater where he was minding his business walking around.

“Everyone else was beefing,” André then said. “The next morning you could cut the tension with a knife.”