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04th Dec 2020

Irish makeup artists use their face as the canvas with these next-level looks

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Samsung Ireland

Samsung goes glam with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE device.

Prepare to be blown away by these ultra-vibrant makeup looks from two of Ireland’s most admired makeup artists.

Whether you’re anticipating the return of glam nights or you just love to experiment, these glowing makeup looks are sure to inspire your future style.

MUAs Patrick Blue and Jade Mullett were challenged by Samsung to take inspiration from the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the results are truly awe-inspiring. The True Colour Project is all about showcasing our true selves through the beauty of colour. It’s safe to say the MUAs got  inventive, check out their super-creative, and stunningly beautiful, looks:

To create the look above, Patrick says;

  • Prime the face using your favourite primer.
  • Use white hairspray to colour the hair all over until you achieve your desired hair effect.
  • Use white face paint and white concealer across the face with extra concealer across the highlighted areas. Pack on with translucent powder to keep your highlighter in place.
  • Use silicone makeup to start creating icicles dripping down your forehead.
  • Apply the silicone to your eyebrows and water-activated snow for an extra icy look.
  • Next is eyeshadow. Begin by contouring different shades of blue. Add a bit of purple into the look to add variety.
  • Use a pink liner in the waterline and finish with a white eyeshadow on top.
  • For the cheekbones, apply liquid latex with glitter and put fake snow on top (you can also add some of the silicone mix on top).
  • Add gems and diamantes onto the silicone using liquid latex. You can also create fake tears under the eye using the silicone and glitter mix.
  • Sculpt out the cheeks and jaw using different shades of blue eyeshadow and put the silicone mix on top.
  • For the lips, apply white liquid liner and put a lip gloss or lip oil on top to create a cracked effect.
  • Finally, apply white face paint onto the neck and chest and powder to set.

Jade Says;

  • Apply face primer to settle into the skin while you create your eye look. I like to use a silicone pruner as it offers a poreless finish to your makeup look and allows foundation to glide on.
  • Enhance natural brow shape by using a light brown eyebrow pencil. Apply light strokes, creating shape up to the arch or to the tail of brow.
  • Apply first transition shade; use a deep purple with blending brush.
  • Cut the crease using a flat brush and a cream concealer base.
  • Apply a lavender wing using eye paint and buff the edges with pink eyeshadow. The overall eye should be covered in shimmery shadow for added texture. I used three shades in total to create the look.
  • Complete the look with false lashes.
  • Apply foundation with a brush, cream contour and a light dusting of transparent setting powder all over face using a large powder brush.
  • Powder contouring to add structure to the look using bronzer and a touch of blush. Finish with highlighter. Top tip: spritz makeup setting spray on a small brush before applying highlighter to give a brighter sparkling finish.
  • Lastly, opt for purple lip liner, lipstick and gloss adding a touch of foundation to centre of lip before applying gloss for an ombré finish.

So now, what might be your S20 FE True Colour?

Take the quiz below to find out which one best suits your unique personality. (Available on Facebook mobile app only.)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is available at Samsung’s e-store in six vibrant colours above.

What’s very impressive is the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has an all-day intelligent battery, a camera that’s essentially perfect for taking selfies, space for countless images and videos, it’s water and dust resistant, it has a micro-SD slot (for even more images!) there’s super-fast (and wireless) charging, the display is remarkable and it’s faster than fast. It’s really a flawless all-rounder.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the newest member of the Galaxy S20 family and is the premium flagship smartphone that boasts top-level innovations, all at an accessible price point and in a variety of colours — colours which you’ve seen have inspired beautiful makeup looks above.

So, when you’re trying out the latest glam and alluring looks above, don’t forget to set your sights on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE — the last step in applying your makeup will no doubt be to take a flawless pic!

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Brought to you by Samsung Ireland