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23rd Nov 2023

Zara has double the dupes for YSL and Dior perfumes

Anna Martin

zara perfume dupes

Zara is here to keep us smelling good at a discounted rate.

While we all love smelling like a million bucks a lot of us don’t have that sort of spare change, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Luckily one TikTok user, @robdabankkk, has found two dupes for two different designer scents, YSL and Dior.

Sharing her discovery with her followers Robyn explained that while she loves both of the original perfumes, she’s found a way to save her and others a few quid.

Speaking in the video, TikToker can be heard saying: “Zara deserves a kiss in the mouth for these dupes. I’m obsessed.”

@robdabankkk @ZARA deserves a kiss in the mouth for these dupes 😭😍 im obsessed #zarafragrancedupes #hypnoticpoisondupe #ysllibreintensedupe #affordablefrangrances #bestcheapfragrance ♬ original sound – robyn 🦋

“This fragrance combo has somebody’s boyfriend chasing me down the aisle in the grocery store. So I was in the grocery store the other day, shopping, walking, doing my thing. All of a sudden, I hear me, ‘Excuse me, excuse me.’

“He was like, “you just passed by me and my girlfriend and you smell so good and we were wondering what you had on,'” she explained

“So of course, I had to put him down and I’m about to put y’all down on the combination I was wearing because this combo is insane. So normally I would pair my YSL Libre Intense with Hypnotic Poison by Dior.

“I hopped in Zara the other day. Everybody was saying that Hypnotic Vanilla was a dupe for Hypnotic Poison. It smells so good. It’s very sweet. It’s super pretty. When I tell you guys, these two [Hypnotic Poison and Hypnotic Vanilla] smell exactly the same, they smell literally identical.

“It was crazy to me how similar these two smell.”

zara perfume dupes
Credit: Dior/Zara

Robyn then showed off her YSL perfume dupe, as she added: “And then Golden Decade has been out for a while. I only like the Intense version of YSL Libre. So people were saying it smelt like the original, so I was never really checking for it.

“But when I went into the store, the juice of the Golden Decade and the juice of Libre Intense were exactly the same.”

Typically YSL Libre Intense would set you back €105.60 while the Zara version is just €22.95, nothing to sneeze at.

The same goes for the OG €115 bottle of Dior Hypnotic Poison and the €22.95 Hypnotic Vanilla dupe.