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19th Apr 2024

H&M have a €30 dupe for €463 Coach bag

Anna Martin

designer dupe bag h&m

We all love the designer bag…without the designer bag price tag

While it would be lovely to have a few hundred extra euros lying around to dish out on the thing that replaces the non-existent pockets in our clothing, it’s not an option for everyone.

Thankfully there are these wonderful things called dupes that are just a wee bit more accessible than some of the big labels out there.

There’s even pretty good versions of the €463 Coach Willow tote bag made from crocodile leather and it’s just €30.

It comes in the form of the H&M Shopper bag which makes for a pretty convincing bargain for the budget conscious of us out there.

The shiny leather-look tote could easily be mistaken for the more expensive designer versions, and at €29.99 you won’t have to re-mortage the house to get your hands on it.

H&M Shopper
H&M Shopper Credit: H&M

It seems that anyone who made the purchase have been left happy with their decision as the bag has received numerous five star reviewers from happy customers.

One customer penned: “This bag is really nice but HUGE/ roomy. Defo perfect for holiday carry on. Or college students doing Art carrying big books/ pages.”

Another added it was “Great quality for the price” and praised the “all important zip pocket for keys, small purse etc. Just the right size for work and day.”

While a third said they like the “great quality” and its “sturdy” handles.

If you’re lucky to have a bit of a bigger budget to play around with, you could stretch for the River Island Black Croc Embossed Tote which comes in at €60.

A bit more pricey but definitely a saving when compared to the designer original.

Yet that’s not all, if you really want a taste of the designer life you can get yourself the €65 Ted Baker Croccon Croc Detail Large Icon Tote.