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19th Nov 2023

Sam Thompson opens up about his relationship ahead of ‘I’m a Celeb’ debut

Sam Thompson has signed up for this year’s I’m a Celeb

Sam Thompson has signed up for this year’s ‘I’m a Celeb’ and we cannot wait to see how the ‘Made In Chelsea’ star gets on in the jungle.

Sam said he’s incredibly excited to embrace this opportunity but is nervous about jetting off to Australia.

Sam won’t be able to see his long-term girlfriend Zara McDermott whilst he’s in the jungle.

The reality star said he’s going to miss the former ‘Strictly’ star so much.

“Obviously it is a strain for anyone’s heartstrings. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss my girlfriend so much,” he told The Sun.

“I already do miss her. But having said that, what an amazing experience. The thing is, there was a potential for them overlapping. But as I said, what a wonderful problem to have.

“I can’t speak to Zara, but I know she thinks the same thing. I can’t believe that we even had two rival shows,” Sam said, referring to Zara’s time on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

The podcast host said being part of the show has been a dream come true for him after he grew up watching the ITV series.

Sam said taking part in the show is “an adventure of a lifetime”.

‘I’m a Celebrity’ airs on ITV at 9 pm tonight.