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22nd Nov 2023

‘I’m A Celeb’ viewers come to the defence of Fred Sirieix after fall out with Nella Rose

Jody Coffey

Fred Sirieix & Nella Rose

#PoorFred is trending on X today.

While Nella Rose was a fan-favourite on the show, many viewers are less than impressed with her treatment of Fred Sirieix.

In last night’s episode of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’, the two campmates fell out over a comment made by Fred the night before.

The TV presenter, best known for appearing on Channel 4’s First Dates, found out he had offended Nella, who is a presenter and has a popular YouTube channel, when she ignored his calls to her in the morning.

Taking to the Bush Telegraph, the YouTuber explained why she was not speaking to Fred.

“Last night after dinner Fred made a comment about him basically how he could be my dad. I took offence to that because one of the first conversations we had together was me opening up about the fact that my dad’s passed away.”

The French maitre d’hotel continued to try and get Nella’s attention, insisting she should eat, which prompted her to move further away from him.

“I didn’t say anything about it last night because I was kind of just annoyed about it. So I slept on it and I kind of thought about it and I was just like, this is not the kind of person I want to be around,” the Catfish presenter added in the Bush Telegraph.

Eventually, Fred approached her and asked again if she wanted to have something to eat, to which Nella responded: “Can you leave me alone?”

Fred, unaware that he had upset his fellow campmate, asked what he had done wrong? Nella explained: “You know that my mum’s dead, and you know that my dad’s dead. You know that, right?”

She then revealed that she also had certain feelings about the fact that Fred had been doing the cooking for the camp.

“I’ve come to find out that every time I wanna get creative around the fire, or I want to have something my way, my own food that I am entitled to, my way, you tend to get an attitude, right?

“So yesterday, when I wanted to burn fat that you were going to throw away anyways, it’s not even something that we needed to survive in camp, you turned around to me, with an attitude and said, ‘You know I could be your dad, right?’

While Fred profusely apologised to the YouTuber for causing any harm or offence, she suggested they keep away from one another while living in the jungle.

“To me, I don’t care how you said it to me, it’s disrespectful and I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to be around you. I only allow people to disrespect me once. You hurt my feelings. I was very upset… you keep trying to speak to me when I don’t want to speak to you.

“I would rather stay away from you, I don’t want to eat your food, I don’t want to talk to you. We can just live, you live on that side, I live on this side,” Nella declared.

Fred apologised again and admitted he was completely clueless to the fact he had upset her the night before.

“I am so sorry. Can I just say? First of all, I am sorry I’ve offended you. I am unaware that you felt offended. I am unaware that what I said would lead to this conversation, I only said that in a way because I am older than you, I am 51 and you’re 26.”

The YouTuber eventually accepted Fred’s apology, but it sadly wasn’t enough for them to make up.

“I accept your apology, but in order for us to live in this camp together, I don’t want to eat no food that you’re cooking, don’t talk to me, you stay over there, I stay over here and we can live. I’m good. Yeah. You stay over there,” she stated.

Fred continued to apologised to the 26-year-old, and the pair went back-and-forth until the 26-year-old ultimately said the two should not speak at all.

Many viewers of the show have since taken to social media with confusion about Nella’s reaction to the comment, with many believing she had an overreaction and sympathising with Fred.