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25th Apr 2017

This woman’s engagement photoshoot dress is just breathtaking

It could very well be a wedding dress.

Carly Cristman, a L’Oréal ambassador, recently became engaged to Cody Carson and to celebrate the occasion, the couple took part in an engagement photo shoot.

Now, that might be standard practice for newly engaged couples but Carly and Cody took things to another level entirely by dressing in full-on wedding attire.

Not only that, they posed for the dreamy pictures in stunning Parisian locations, such as the Louvre.

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The divine Alvina Valenta gown could definitely be worn for a wedding and it seems Carly stumbled upon the piece in a stroke of fate.

Chatting to Pop Sugar, she explained that she happened to see a sales assistant carrying it and when she was enquired about it, she was told that it was a one of a kind piece.

“She told me the dress only came in one size — if it was too small or too short there were no other options. I tried it on and it fit perfectly! It was meant to be!”

How STUNNING are these images though?!

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Images via Instagram: Carly Cristman / Photography by Elsa Mesot