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20th Feb 2022

The mini skirt is back – but low rise is coming alongside it

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the low rise waist is making a comeback.

While it may be daunting when you first hear of it, and we retreat back to our extreme high waists immediately, it’s actually not as bad as we might think.

The 90s and 2000s trends aren’t going anywhere and thanks to shows like Euphoria, we can get an image of what the future of fashion might look like in the coming months.

According to fashion buyer at Brown Thomas Shelly Corkery, designers are dropping waistlines on skirts and trousers but are bringing back the mini skirt – at least there’s an upside.

She told “We’re talking an awful lot about minis this season and over the knee skirts so that needed to be very relevant. They will give you directives on the trends. That shorter skirt and the jacket is one of the biggest trends this season, and a cleaner version.


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“I think that’s really, really big and that drop it low was very strong in terms of Miu Miu and Dolce, they dropped all those from the waist to the hip, that we haven’t seen that for a while, very nineties, very young millennial trends.

“I do think we’re going to see that biker jacket, that nineties vibe definitely still around. I think all of that sweet, feminine dress with that contrast, there’s a big trend in that contrast, wearing heavier, stronger fashion with feminine. So there’s a masculine, feminine contrast.”

Shelly says that we should incorporate items we already have, and while our high waisted jeans and skirts might be out, they’ll have their day in the sun again.

She told RTÉ: “Dolce showed a lot of that cargo, that big wide legged denim or cargo canvas, but really low-cut – literally down to the hip. A very big wide leg as opposed to a mini-skirt – that was also quite strong.”

While new trends come and go, Shelly stressed to “keep it if you can” and invest in good and timeless pieces as trends always come back.

While the idea of low rise might be daunting, crop tops are on their way out too which means we’ll have longer blouses and tops to work with.

Once we don’t see the return of galaxy print leggings and moustache necklaces, we’ll take low rise in a heartbeat.