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03rd Oct 2018

Penneys is selling €16 Alexander McQueen dupes that we absolutely need

There are things we want but don’t need…

And then there are things we need because we’ll die if we don’t have them.

Not being dramatic (at all), but this falls into the latter half.

Yes – just this week, Penneys has dished out a new pair of runners that look scarily similar to designer ones we’ve seen before.

For €16, these white, thick soled trainers from Penneys are going straight into our shopping basket.


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These runners look very similar to ones we’ve seen on celebs countless times. We’re talking about the raised-sole low-top leather trainers from Alexander McQueen. 

The shoes which cost a cool €395 could easily pass for Penneys €16 dupes.

We’ll be snapping these up ASAP come the weekend.

Aside from that, last night, Penneys announced a new DISNEY shoe range.

“Disney fans, be prepared to be knocked off your feet,” Penneys said before sharing snaps of the gorgeous shoes.

There are classic sparkly stilettos with a pointed toe – but they have cute little mouse ears on the back.

Then there are the strappy heels, which come in black glitter and gold glitter.

But, the cutest pair of shoes in the Penneys collection has to be the little block heels with the red bow.

We want them so badly it actually hurts.