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07th Jun 2019

The Penneys floral midi skirt combo that’s a must-have for your summer holidays

Olivia Hayes

Heading away soon?

If you have a holiday coming up then it’s time to go shopping. The weather in Ireland is making us seriously question why we live in this country and all we want to do is jet away to somewhere sunny.

But before we board the plane, we have to do a bit of a summer haul and this Penneys floral co-ord is definitely going on our shopping list.

The shirt and midi skirt combo is the perfect holiday outfit and what we love about it most is how you can mix and match it.

Wear the shirt with a pair of white shorts, or if you’re heading out-out, then the skirt would look fab with a little crop top.

With prices starting off at €16 it’s ideal to throw into your suitcase and you will get so much wear out of both items.

If you’re in Penneys this weekend and are picking up holiday bits, then also make sure to check out its gorgeous swimwear.

These loud togs from Penneys will make sure you and your number one will stand out wherever you’re off to.

Are they tacky? Yes. Do we want them anyway? Definitely.

The one-piece will set you back €11 while the the bikini costs €9; €5 for the top and €4 for the bottoms.