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17th Jul 2018

Meghan Markle’s jumper is ON SALE at the moment for €20

Rebecca O'Keeffe

meghan markle's jumper


So, I can safely say we’re all obsessed with Meghan Markle, right?

Her style is something that has grabbed the attention of millions around the world.

99 percent of the time her fashion choices are out of reach, but I’m here with a glimmer of hope.

When the Duchess visited a youth radio station  back in January she wore Burberry trousers… and a jumper from M&S.

meghan markle's jumper

Naturally, the navy jumper sold out in no time (sad).

However, after a recent gawk of the Marks and Spencer website… I struck gold.

Meghan’s jumper is currently on sale for just €20.

The only issue? It sadly isn’t the navy version that Meghan actually wore.

meghan markle's jumper

The balloon sleeved knit is currently only available in a lemon colour and a white with pearls.

Available from a size 6 to a 24, these gorgeous jumpers suit pretty much everyone!

Anyway, if you fancy treating yourself to a little royal style, click here.

Hey, it’s no crown, but it’ll do for now.