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15th May 2017

The latest jean trend is more than we can handle on a Monday

Cathy Donohue

Whatever next.

First came the ‘clear knee’ jeans, then the completely transparent pair, the ones with bum zips and now we have detachable jeans.

Yep, spring summer 2017 appears to be the season of denim and each brand is trying to outdo the other with new designs, each more surprising than the last.

The latest option comes courtesy of Opening Ceremony, who have just introduced a pair of detachable denims named the ‘Y Project Detatchable Cut-Out Front Jeans’.

According to Allure, the bottom half is attached to the top via button fastenings and the two styles are quickly interchangeable.

Although the 2 in 1 concept is quite attractive in theory as we all love a good bargain, the gap in the middle looks completely out of place.

We imagine this would mean they’re ill-fitting and the whole thing about jeans is getting the best fit possible, comfort first and style second.

Considering they’re $425 (around €387), they’re pretty pricey so unless you really want a pair of jeans you can easily turn into shorts, we can’t see this particular trend catching on.

Images via Opening Ceremony