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10th Jan 2020

The super glam bridesmaid dress trend you’re going to see everywhere during 2020

bridesmaid dress

The bridesmaid dress trend that’s set to be a huge hit in 2020.

If you’re currently on the search for the perfect ensembles for your bridal brigade, you might be interested in what styles are currently trending.

There’s one look that’s starting to appear on social media and although the glamorous embellishment look is often reserved for brides, it’s a pretty cool option if you want statement bridesmaid dresses.

As you’ll see below, some of the latest styles feature beading, appliqué detail, lace and/or embellishment, and come in several different colours too.

While they won’t appeal to brides opting for a simple, classic style, they’re ideal for anyone who loves a splash of glitter and some stunning sequin detail.

You can choose the same style for each bridesmaid, a common theme, or decide on a different dress for each member of your bride squad.

2020 brides might even decide to mix and match, with some dresses featuring sparkle and others not, as you’ll see below from bridesmaid dress supplier Kennedy Blue.

It also seems that blue is fast becoming the ‘it’ colour for this year and we predict a lot of this shade popping up in bridal parties during 2020.

That said, it’s important to remember that even with trends and new styles, every bride is different and has individual taste.

It’s always a good idea to see what type of dresses are available but there are so many things to take into consideration and you’ll want to make sure your pals are happy and comfortable on the day.

Sparkles are a good place to start and if you’ve spotted a new trend/look or simply want to share your bridal knowledge, let us know in the comments section or drop me an email @[email protected]… we can’t get enough of your wedding stories!