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30th Jun 2017

Gigi Hadid just kickstarted a new denim trend but we’re not sure


The new denim trend for 2017?

Gigi Hadid is one of the fashion industry’s major players at the moment and anything the model wears tends to sell out immediately…hello new denim trend.

In saying that, we’re not entirely sure about her latest look.

Although cropped jeans are huge this season, the flared style isn’t to everyone’s taste nor is the contrasting denim effect, which can be spotted on the inside leg.

Gigi Hadid new denim trend

Earlier in the week, we chatted about how popular white denim is during summer and equally, you’re likely to see a lot more of these jeans now Gigi has given it her seal of approval.

One ensemble includes a black crop top, oversized sunglasses, black ankle boots and a crossbody bag, and the other outfit is double denim matched up with red.

In both, the statement jeans are the focal point of the outfit.

Gigi Hadid new denim trend

This trend won’t be for everyone but you’re still likely to see it ALL over the high-street over the next few weeks…