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01st Mar 2018

The €40 mustard Zara coat that will make sure you stand out from the snow

Jade Hayden

zara mustard

Don’t go outside until 12pm on Friday.

And this includes to pick up this divine €40 coat from Zara.

The shops won’t be open, it’ll be too dangerous, you might injure yourself – just don’t do it, OK?

One thing you can do though is hop online and order yourself a new coat for next week that is sure to make you stand out from all that snow.

It won’t have melted by that stage because there’s so much of it, alright?

The coat is a thigh-length tomboy jacket with a lapel collar, long sleeves, and a bit of lovely back vent detailing at the hem.

It’s also got pockets and actual buttons that fasten (!) which, we as women all know, is a pretty big deal.

The piece is retailing at just €39.99 too.

Not at all bad for a coat that will absolutely keep you warm and class looking until spring arrives… whenever that may be.

For optimum fun in the snow (next week, when we can safely exit our homes), team this coat with a knee-length black dress or skirt, some skinnies, or basically just whatever you really.

Mustard is very much #in at the moment, so it’s hardly surprising that Zara have a few similar coloured-coats for sale too.

If the tomboy look isn’t your favorite, you could always go for something a bit more intense with this faux-suede number.

Retailing at just under €40 too, you really can’t go wrong with your spring colours in winter weather these days.