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26th Feb 2019

Celebrity piercer Maria Tash shares the most popular piercing trend for 2019

Cathy Donohue

Celebrity piercer Maria Tash shares the most popular piercing trend for 2019.

Maria Tash has a huge following with a whole host of fashion bloggers and celebrities sporting her statement piercings, from the high lobe look to the contra-conch.

When it comes to ear piercings, a lot has changed since the days of minimal studs and while we love a classic style, experimenting with various designs is pretty fun too.

The curated ear has become quite a look and once you see the shiny pretty trinkets on offer, it’s hard to limit yourself to just one piece.

We chatted to the lady of the hour, Maria Tash, to find out exactly what trends are ruling right now and what we’re likely to see more of in 2019.

There are a lot of trends at play at the moment but three of the most popular are the high lobe, the contra-conch and concentric rings.

Here’s what Maria has to say…

High lobe

The high lobe is a fun accent to an existing first lobe piercing, especially one that has a low placement. Stacked earlobe piercings should be spaced far enough away from each other so the look cannot be replicated with a single piece of jewellery with connected elements.

Perfect piercing of the lobe and high lobe is defined as creating angles that are exactly parallel to each other and are what I call “forward facing” to maximize flattering the wearer.

Concentric rings 

Concentric rings are pierced in high and low first lobes. With great parallel piercing angles, double rings can be worn layered on top of each other. As you’ll see from this trend, one ring floats inside of the other and creates a Saturnian celestial ring effect.

Contra conch

The contra-conch section of the ear is a vertical plane of skin right outside of the conch and styling of this design involves similar pieces of jewellery in a vertical format, climbing up the ear cartilage.

Examples are celestial elements like stars, moons, or lightning bolts, pierced in a horizontal arc, that point to a central hero jewellery element.

We just adore this one!

Maria Tash is located in Level 2, Brown Thomas Dublin and there is a pop-up in Brown Thomas Limerick this weekend too. Prices start at €115 and each piece is sold separately.