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12th May 2017

People had strong reactions to the graphic scenes on this RTÉ show last night

Alan Loughnane

Did you watch it?

Body Shopping, RTÉ’s new documentary series, was once again on our TV screens last night and showed the extreme lengths people will go to for a perfect body and face.

The show explores a variety of procedures from a popular new alternative to breast implants to the art of body sculpting and a time efficient one-stitch facelift.

For men, Body Shopping looked at male breast reduction and how hair transplants are becoming more acceptable. As part of the series, Dr Ciara Kelly travelled abroad to look at the reasons an increasing number of patients choose to travel for a wide range of aesthetic surgeries.

Last night was the final episode of the three-part series, and once again the show did not hold back in showing the vivid pictures of the procedures.

The episode showed Donna undergoing breast augmentation, Fergal receiving botox and a number of others receiving other kinds of cosmetic procedures.

And people were fascinated, impressed, appalled and confused watching at home… basically, there was a very mixed reaction.

The show ended with a voiceover from Dr Ciara Kelly saying: “Over the course of the series, I’ve met people from a variety of backgrounds, with a variety of hang ups about their appearance. Their procedures were often expensive and painful, and their recoveries have been prolonged.

“In an image conscious world, there’s a pressure on all of us to look our best. But how many of you would go Body Shopping?”