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01st Jun 2016

Passersby ignore Italian student as she’s burned alive by ex-boyfriend

This is horrifying...

Who could let this happen?

An Italian university student was tragically burned alive by her ex-boyfriend.

22-year-old Sara Di Pietrantonio was reportedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend Vincenzo Paduano as he couldn’t accept the abandonment that came with the couple’s separation.

The pair were arguing in the deceased’s car before Paduano doused the vehicle and student in alcohol.

Di Pietrantonio realised what was about to happen and escaped the car, running down the road before Paduano caught up and set the 22-year-old ablaze.

It is said Paduano used a cigarette lighter to set the student’s face on fire.


According to The IndependentLuigi Silipo, one of the police officials in the investigation spoke of his horror at the crime:

“I can say that in 25 years in this work I have never seen something so atrocious”.

CCTV cameras in the area where Di Pietrantonio was murdered recorded footage of the girl screaming for help as two cars pass, ignoring the student’s desperate pleas for help.

According to Silipo, 27-year-old Paduano first denied killing the university student, but after eight hours of intense interrogation, the suspect cracked and confessed to her horrific murder.

All images via Facebook