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19th Oct 2015

Robbie Williams Flirts With a 15 Year Old Fan


Robbie Williams was left looking equal parts foolish and creepy at the weekend when he unknowingly flirted with a minor.

Robbie was performing in Brisbane when he spotted 15-year-old Morgan in the crowd. He commented on her look (how superficial), hilariously joking that he loved that sexy secretary look.

He followed with “Which reminds me, I’ve got to clear my browsing history on my computer before Ayda sees it. (When all else fails go for a porno joke).

It got totes awks then when he asked Morgan what age she is and she replied that she was celebrating her 15th birthday. Crikey.

As the crowd laughed, Robbie joked: “Don’t put that up on YouTube. It’ll be on YouTube, and then it’ll be in the newspapers, and then I’ll get arrested.”

He went on, “How do you dig yourself out of that one? Stay away from boys like me, Morgan.”

He then dedicated She’s The One to Morgan and changed the lyrics to ‘She was younger than me’.

The 41-year-old was performing as part of his Let Me Entertain You Tour.