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11th Jun 2024

Derry Girls star headlines Netflix’s raunchy new comedy thriller series

Stephen Porzio

She is following in her co-star Nicola Coughlan’s footsteps in fronting a steamy Netflix show.

Netflix has unveiled a teaser trailer for The Decameron, its raunchy new period-set comedy thriller series starring Derry Girls’ Saoirse-Monica Jackson.

The eight-episode show is loosely inspired by the iconic short story collection of the same name by 14th century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio.

The book tells the story of a group of nobles and their servants sheltering in the grand Villa Santa outside Florence as the Black Death rages in 1348.

To pass the time, members of the group take turns telling each other stories that range from witty to debauched.

Netflix says its series version will have a similar premise but “with a twist right out of Lord of the Flies”.

Beginning as a “wine-soaked sex romp in the Italian countryside”, the plot synopsis for the show adds: “As time goes on and social rules wear thin, the orgy of riches and liquor collapses into a struggle for survival.

“[The] depraved escape sours when partygoers begin to fall ill and social mores fall by the wayside.”


Saoirse-Monica Jackson stars in Netflix’s raunchy new comedy thriller series

As her Derry Girls co-star Nicola Coughlan is currently starring in another steamy period-set Netflix show with Bridgerton, Jackson will play Misia in The Decameron – the co-dependent servant of Pampinea (played by Zosia Mamet, Girls).

Misia is described as adoring her demanding master, deriving much self-worth from pleasing her.

Netflix has also called The Decameron a “soapy dark comedy”, while Jackson’s co-star Jessica Plummer described it as “Love Island, but back in the day”, also stating that the series will have “a lot of drama, a lot of sex, a lot of craziness.”

Hailing from creator and showrunner Kathleen Jordan (Teenage Bounty Hunters) and producer Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black), The Decameron will arrive on the streaming service on July 25.

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