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01st Sep 2022

Electric Picnic: The checklist you need as you pack for the festival

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Get packing.

Electric Picnic is kicking off this weekend and as thousands head to Stradbally, the packing list needs to be ticked off.

Are you like us and very much so a last minute packer? We’ve got you covered. It’s still not too late to run to Lidl for some toilet roll or head to Dealz in search of the last existing portable charger in Ireland.

As well as giving you a list of what you need to bring, we’ve got a few hacks that will help your weekend go a lot smoother, giving you more time to enjoy what Electric Picnic has to offer.

The first of the hacks is the one you need to remember the most. Go into the notes on your phone and write “if found, contact…” and add a list of every one you’re with this weekend and their phone number. Screenshot the message and make it your lockscreen. If you happen to lose your phone, and if someone is nice enough when they find it, they can contact one of the names and reunite you with it.

Another phone hack is that if you switch on Express Mode which allows you to use Apple Pay even when your phone is dead. This is only available on iOS 12 and up so now is the time to update if you need to. You can do the same with androids and Google Pay once the NFC reader is unlocked.

Only bring what you will absolutely need, and try to keep it to one bag. There is nothing worse than the walk from the car park to the campsite when you’ve got no bag, so even with one and a tent, it’s a nightmare. Keep it light and you’ll thank yourself the second you start walking.

While there are ATMs in the campsite, bring a little bit of cash. By now we’ve all seen what happened in the Aviva last week when the internet went and card machines were down (something just tells us 70,000 people won’t be getting free drink this time around).

Now onto that checklist we so desperately rely on, no matter how many times you’ve been before.


If you forget everything else, it’s still better than forgetting your ticket. We’ve all arrived at an event and realised our ticket is still at home, and this is the one event you don’t want that to happen.


We’ll be honest, the weather forecast isn’t looking great. Anthing to keep you dry that you can find, pack it. Raincoats, ponchos, wellies, the whole lot.

While it is going to lash, it’s meant to be warmer than usual for this time of year so shorts, skirts, dresses, anything that shows a little skin is better. There’s nothing worse than sitting in wet clothes, but wet legs? Not as torturous.

Fluffy socks or thick hiking socks (Doc socks as most of us know them as) are a must, they’ll keep your feet warm and protected from cuts if you’re on your feet all day.

For pyjamas, it’s going to be a cold few nights so bring something you know will keep you warm like a full tracksuit, fluffy bottoms and a hoodie – whatever you think is best. Just make sure you have shorts for the morning, it gets very stuffy.

Bring extra underwear and socks, there’s nothing worse than wet knickers.


Bring only the essential make up, it takes up more room in a bag than you need so keep it to the necessities and one eyeshadow palette you know can work for three days.

Don’t forget a toothbrush or toothpaste, any medication you need (especially your pill ladies), toilet roll, tissues, painkillers (a must), bin bags, condoms, baby wipes, a towel, hand sanitiser, and whatever else you feel you need, but the first batch are the most needed.


There is no need to go overboard here. Unless you’re working at EP, there’s no need for anything more than your phone, a charger and a portable charger (or two). Three has three charging tents located around the arena and campsite, and if you’re a Three customer, you’ll get 50% off charging.

Food and drink.

Bring water, that’s the most important thing. While you can buy food and drink, it can get expensive. You’ll need to buy your meals at the festival but pack enough snacks to fill you and last you. When it comes to drink, you’re allowed to bring 48 cans into the campsite but not the arena. You are allowed to bring in spirits once they’re not in a glass bottle, so pour your vodka into an old water bottle – just make sure you label it, you don’t want to wake up at 8am gagging for some water only to take a swig of gin.


Bring something to stick on the outside of your tent so you can easily find it – the weirder the better. Fanny packs are another essential. You can’t bring in a backpack larger than an A4 page, so sticking to something smaller is best.

The list of things you are and aren’t allowed to bring in is here, and there will be security upon entrance to check.