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10th Jun 2024

Her Health: Is hydrogen-infused water really better for our health?

Niamh Ryan

Hydrogen-rich water has become increasingly popular over the years as people have claimed it can improve health

Hydrogen-rich water is processed by dissolving hydrogen molecules into ordinary water, which creates water with a slightly higher concentration of hydrogen than is naturally occurring.

It’s claimed that hydrogen water can provide health benefits such as improved athletic performance, reduced inflammation, and enhanced brain function.

Several different studies have been carried out over the years to discover what effects hydrogen-infused water really has.

Hydrogen water for PMS symptoms

A randomised study by BMC Women’s Health found that women who drank hydrogen-infused water reported a reduction in PMS symptoms.

Half the group of women drank two litres of hydrogen water every day during the second half of their menstrual cycle, for three cycles in a row.

The remaining women did the same with regular water.

However, the PMS symptoms were evaluated by self-reports, which could allow for bias.

Treating anxiety

Another study was carried out to see the impact of drinking hydrogen-rich water on mood and anxiety.

None of the participants knew if they were receiving a placebo or not, so as to make it a fair test.

Participants who drank the hydrogen water reported improved moods, though the study was not long-term.

Gut health

Hydrogen-rich water has also been linked to improved gut health.

In one study, female soccer players were tasked with drinking two litres of the water daily for two months.

After drinking 2 litres of hydrogen-rich water daily for two months, they had enhanced gut flora diversity and a more balanced microbiota.

Worth the hype?

Unfortunately for many of these studies on the health benefits of hydrogen-rich water, the results are inconclusive.

Many of the sample sizes were too small and the durations of the study were too short to see the long-term effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water.

In some cases, medical professionals have said that the difference between the two types of water is not drastic enough for hydrogen water to be vastly better for us.

Hydrogen water is also quite expensive, and can range anywhere between €25 and €200.

Is it worth the money considering it may not have a significant impact on our health?