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11th Jun 2024

Paul Mescal debuts as Lucius Verus in first look at Gladiator II set

Sophie Collins

Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal has been seen for the first time in character on the set of Gladiator II

The actor was caught on camera as Lucius Verus, the grown-up son of Lucilla and nephew of Commodus. 

The Irish actor, best known for his role in Normal People, was spotted in full armour during a fight scene in East Sussex, according to photos published by MailOnline.

Filming recently resumed in East Sussex for reshoots after the initial production wrapped up in Morocco.

The original “Gladiator” film, released in 2000, featured Russell Crowe as Maximus and grossed an impressive €544 million at the box office. 

It also won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor. 

The sequel, set after Maximus’ death, will follow Lucius, previously played by Spencer Treat Clark, who admired Maximus and believed his mother to be dead.

Scheduled for release later this year, “Gladiator 2” boasts a star-studded cast, including Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn, and Connie Nielsen, who will reprise her role as Lucius’ mother, Lucilla. 

Reports suggest that Derek Jacobi will return as Gracchus, with additional rumoured cast members including May Calamawy, Lior Raz, Peter Mensah, and Matt Lucas. 

Barry Keoghan was initially in talks to play Emperor Geta but had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts.

In an interview with Esquire UK last August, Mescal spoke of his nerves about the role. 

“I can’t tell you how stressed I am talking about that film in particular because it’s definitely the biggest one I’ve done,” he admitted. 

“I feel really excited, but it’s difficult to get away from the legacy of the film a bit. 

“I think it’s really well written and it pays homage to the first one, but it’s very much something that I think I can step into and make comfortably my own.”