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15th Apr 2024

We need to bring back 2016 Coachella fashion

Anna Martin


Oh Coachella, what are we to do with you at all?

Once known as the place to find weird and wonderful fashion inspiration, this year it just seems a bit meh, you feel me?

It used to be a time of finding anything, taping or glueing it to your body to make a look if you were lucky enough to even get your hands on, one of those golden tickets.

Typically the three-day festival usually sells out instantly. At its height in 2015, every last ticket had been purchased in a record-breaking 40 minutes.

These days tickets were still available up until the day before the whole thing was set to kick off.

Hailey Bieber coachella
Credit: Hailey Bieber

It seems even the celebs in attendance were over the whole thing, take Billie Eilish dressing like Adam Sandler. Before any Billie fans come for me this is no hate, just an observation.

Hailey Beiber decided to dress like a mix between a lad who plays county with a touch of tap dancer with her mary-jane sock combo.

Even Taylor Swift couldn’t help out her other half Travis Kelce who just looked like he rolled around in his wardrobe and waited to see what stuck.

The festival’s fashion seemed to peak in 2016 when Vanessa Hudgens reigned as the Queen of Coachella and we all had pics of her on our Pinterest boards like a shrine to some god.

Who can forget Rihanna rolled a joint on her bodyguard’s head, Tupac Shakur’s hologram took the stage with Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, and Frank Ocean emerged as Odd Future’s prodigal son.

coachella 2012
Rihanna Coachella 2012 Credit: Getty

Lacey boho numbers, floppy hats, and jorts were abundant. Yet nothing seemed more omnipresent than the flower crown.

Well, that and enough body glitter to make a human glitterball and sunglasses so oversized you could rent them out as billboard space if you needed to make a quick buck.

Though now, we might look back and cringe at some of the choices that were made (lots and lots of cultural appropriation) you have to admit, things just seemed so much more fun and experimental.

Even in 2022, Coachella made its comeback after a two-year hiatus in 2022, it ushered in the return of festival style.

People were excited to walk around in their barely-there minis, strategically sexy cutouts and sequins galore and though not every fit was a smash hit, it was all just so fun.

In 2023, attendees upped the ante when it came to their outrageous looks. And platform heels, fringe hats, polyester matching sets and pasties, weren’t practical for getting around the desert but people didn’t care, they looked good and knew it.

vanessa hudgens coachella
Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler at Coachella Credit: Getty

We need to stop trying to take ourselves so seriously, not every outfit needs to be Instagram perfect instead embrace all of your notions and if it works it works.

If it doesn’t at least there will be a funny pic to laugh about in the future.

In fairness we should have known outfits would be off as soon as Vanessa Hudgens posted that she wouldn’t be in attendance this year.

Without the week present the kingdom was bound to fall into disarray.