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15th Apr 2024

How often should we really be throwing out our razors?

Anna Martin

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Whenever you need a new razor it seems like you can’t find one

Maybe you were invited on a last-minute night out and want your legs smooth so you can get your tell your friends “Hey feel this!”.

Or it could be that you just want to shave but whatever the reason, it’s like that pack of razors you bought goes on a secret mission.

Then you’re left looking at one that’s just a bit too old and couldn’t cut warm butter if it tried but you know, needs must.

So is there any risk with this habit and is there a certain point where you have to kiss your razor goodbye for a new one? We did a deep dive to find out.

How often should you throw out your razor?

razor shaving
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Well according to the guys most of us know for making razors, Gillette Venus explained that disposable razors shouldn’t be used more than five to 10 times before being tossed.

However how frequently you need to change your blades really depends on how frequently you’re shaving.

According to Gillette, if you shave daily, swap it out every one to two weeks, every other day, then change every two to three weeks and if you’re a twice-week kinda person, get rid of it every four to six weeks.

One New York City dermatologist told Refinery 29 there are telltale signs when you need to throw that thing away.

“The first sign of any rusting or dulling of the blade, or any tugging or nicking of the skin, should tell you it’s time to toss it,” said dermatologist Dr Whitney Bowe.

If you want to get a little more time out of your razor, there are some things that you can do like storing it in a clean, dry place after use and rinsing off any soap or saving foam to keep the blade sharp.

What happens if you don’t change your razor?

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Credit: Canva

Turns out that blades on razors are harvesting grounds for bacteria, raising the risk of an infection.

If you were to cut yourself with a blunt blade, the bacteria then have direct access to your bloodstream which could possibly lead to you becoming very sick.

Bad razors will cause you to revisit the same areas over and over again putting you at a higher risk of nicking yourself, something you don’t want in those more delicate spots.

On top of this, the blunt blade will just end up aggravating your skin, causing red bumps and inflammation around your hair follicles.

While these are only temporary, they’re still incredibly annoying and can be quite painful with serious cases even leaving scars.