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07th Jun 2024

Could this be the reason for splitting Bridgerton season three in half?

Niamh Ryan

We’re all on the edge of our seats waiting for part two of Bridgerton season three.

At first, fans were frustrated with the gap between episodes, but when the trailer was released this week, they understood why.

The trailer shows scenes filled with anticipation and drama as Penelope and Colin prepare for their whirlwind wedding.

Meanwhile, Eloise threatens to reveal the identity of Lady Whistledown to her brother Colin, saying that if Penelope isn’t truthful to her future husband, he’ll have to find out from someone else.

Penelope appears to have her own doubts about the marriage as the trailer continues, and it seems she struggles to let go of her independence.

Lady Featherington harshly reminds her that “ladies don’t have dreams, they have husbands.”

Fans soon flooded the comments with their reactions, with one viewer saying “This season is CRAZY. Why am I so invested this year when this show was supposed to be my silly little casual binge regency romance?”

Another commented “Sorrows and prayers for everyone dying from waiting.”

While some seemed angry about the break, a lot of fans pointed out that the smart move from Netflix has made the audience even more eager to watch.

“Dare I say this may be the best Bridgerton season yet? Really smart that they split season 3 into two parts. The anticipation is high,” one fan put it.

Press has continued for the second part, building even more excitement as Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton show their off-camera chemistry, making us fall in love with them even more.

And honestly, we’re not mad about it!