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28th May 2024

Fans are freaking out over this Bridgerton cast detail

Kat O'Connor

One major Hollywood star is involved in Bridgerton

Bridgerton is back and bigger than ever after season three finally landed on Netflix this month.

Fans of the period-drama have been eagerly awaiting the third installment of the hit Netflix series with Nicola Coughlan finally taking centre stage.

She has been the most perfect leading lady this season, but there’s another iconic actress involved in the show and some fans are only taking notice now.

Julie Andrews, better known as Queen Clarisse Renaldi to those of us still obsessed with The Princess Diaries, has been the Bridgerton narrator since series one.

However, some fans have only made the connection this season.

The Hollywood legend’s charming voice can be heard during the Lady Whistledown scenes on the show.

Nicola Coughlan may write the gossip, but Julie Andrews is the one who is sharing it.

Some fans were pretty stunned when they put two and two together and realised the Mary Poppins icon was narrating the show.

“Omg I didn’t know the lady whistledown voice in bridgerton is julie andrews,” one said.

“Just realised that Julia Andrews plays the voice over for Lady Whistledown,” another added.

Julie Andrews was announced as the show’s narrator in 2019 and has been involved in every season since its 2020 launch.

We may not see her on screen but the 88-year-old so much charm to the show.

Bridgerton returns to Netflix on June 13th.