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20th Jun 2024

Netflix viewers just discovering ‘must watch’ steamy drama from the 2000s

Charlie Herbert

‘I can’t believe this was a proper show’

Netflix viewers have been left shocked by a late 2000s ITV show which has been added to the streaming platform.

Nowadays, your probably more likely to get controversial shows from major streaming platforms or US TV networks.

It’s of course HBO who have treated us to the wild world of Game of Thrones over the last decade, whilst one of the most insane shows of recent years has come from Prime Video.

But back in the late noughties, terrestrial channels weren’t afraid to push the boundaries of what you could get away with on TV.

And in 2007, ITV2 released one of the most X-rated shows of the decade.

You can watch its trailer below.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl saw Billie Piper – fresh from her big break on Doctor Who – play Hannah Baxter, a seemingly ordinary woman living in London. By day, she leads a conventional life, but by night, she transforms into Belle de Jour, a high-end escort.

The series delves into the duality of her existence, exploring the complexities and contradictions of her professional and personal lives.

Throughout the series, Hannah’s secret life becomes increasingly difficult to hide from her friends and family. The series highlights her romantic entanglements, particularly with her best friend Ben, who complicates her attempts to keep her two worlds separate.

Running over four series from 2007 to 2011, Secret Diary of a Call Girl was well received by critics who praised the storyline and Piper’s “extraordinary” performance as Hannah.

Now, all 32 episodes have been added to Netflix, and people can’t get enough of it, with the series shooting up the platform’s top 10 chart.

Writing on X, one person said: “Rewatching Secret Diary of a Call Girl.. I remember seeing this show 15 years ago and being glued to the screen.”

Another said: “Secret Diary of a Call Girl is now on Netflix, this is not a drill, calling all smut-loving gays and girlies I promise you this is such a fun ride (lol)”

A third commented:  “Secret Diary of a Call Girl is on Netflix and upon rewatching it, I can’t believe this was a proper show on ITV”.

Someone else said: “Is Secret Diary of a Call Girl new to Netflix?? Either way, if you have not seen it, go and watch it RIGHT NOW it is the BEST show ever.”

So if you’re looking for something a bit more 21st century than Bridgerton but with the same levels of drama and hot-under-the-collar action, this might be the show for you.